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Denis Smith

Denis has been blowing minds on instagram for a while now and his latest edit drop for Cent Brand on RideUK has put him on alot of peoples radars so we are stoked that he is joining the AlansBMX team in 2021.

Denis Smith

Reining from Chester, Denis currently rides for Dub Brand and flow for Federal Bikes and is frequently riding places like Liverpool, Manchester and Boneyard Skatepark, his local.

Denis Smith

We caught up with Denis and asked him a few questions

What's your name and where are you from?

Denis Smith, from Chester.

Where and who do you normally ride with?

Mostly ride the cop skatepark in Chester with the local boys or boneyard skatepark when it’s open or Liverpool with the Dub boys.

What brands do you ride for currently?

Currently ride for Dub bmx and flow for Seventies Distribution.

What's your favorite part on your bike and why?

My back cassette hub cause I love the sound of it.

Anything special you do with your bike that you can't live without?

Got to have 4 pegs.

Favourite Jam/Contest you been too?

The 2016 street series jam in Liverpool, first jam I won something.

Ever rode overseas? Favourite overseas riding spot?

Rode Barcelona a few years back and definitely want to go back again.

What's your worst crash/injury from riding?

Broke my collar bone a few years ago and quit riding for about a year.

What do you like to do when your not riding?

Love a nice pint (or a few) at the pub with mates.

Favourite rider you look upto?

Dennis Enarson cause he is the best.

Favourite video part?

Tom Dugan, Empire - Bad Idea


Denis has recently had a hookup through Seventies for Federal Bikes, checkout his full setup below:

 DenisSmith Bike

FRAME: Federal Command ICS frame 21”TT black

FORKS: Odyssey R32 black

HEADSET: Salt Plus headset black

BARS: Odyssey Lumberjack XXL bars 9.8” black

STEM: Odyssey Boss Stem black

GRIPS: Federal Command grips black

SEAT: Federal Logo seat black

SEAT POST: Salt seat post which is over 7 years old.

CRANKS: Eclat Spire cranks 175mm black

BOTTOM BRACKET: Federal bottom bracket

PEDALS: Federal Command pedals black

CHAIN: Cult halflink chain black

FRONT HUB: Eclat Cortex hub black

SPOKES: Federal spokes black

FRONT RIM: Federal Stance XL rim black

REAR HUB: Eclat Seismic cassette hub black

REAR RIM: Cinema 333 Black

TYRES: Federal Command Tyres 2.4” black

TUBES: bog standard tubes

SPROCKET: Federal AMG Guard sprocket silver


PEGS: Animal Benny L


Check out the altest edit from Denis for Cent Brand:


 Follow him on Instagram: @410_denis

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