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Tom Cookson

Cookson has been a local Wigan shredder for years and always been on the radar. Recently hes gotten back into riding and has been smashing it down at the local skatepark and also in the Backyard Jam 2019 series where he scored highly against the other riders at Ramp1.
Tom Cookson Haro SDV2
Tom also took part in the Vans The Circle video contest on team AlansBMX and smashed it out of the park sending massive tailwhips and 360s all over the place.
Cooksons has just started riding for Proper BMX through ALansBMX and IMG Distribution, look for an update shortly
Tom Cookson Haro SDv2
Here's the lowdown from Tom himself:
What's your name and where are you from?
Tom Cookson, 20 years old from wigan 
Where and who do you normally ride with?
Any skateparks/street within a short drive from Wigan really (rampworx, junction 4, ramp1 those kinda places). Euxton skatepark in chorley is good for an outdoor session at this time of year as it’s floodlit 
What's your favourite part on your bike and why?
Gotta be the frame as it’s the first time I’ve ever been hooked up with a frame (thanks to IMG for that)
Anything special you do with your bike that you can't live without? 
I used to be a big freecoaster fan but I’ve recently swapped back to cassette and my drivetrain feels so much smoother and more responsive, don’t think I’ll ever go back, and 3 pegs 
Favourite Jam/Contest you been too?
Has to be DUB jam liverpool 2016, bakos shot a photo of me doing a 180 bar down a big stair set and it’s still my favourite riding photo to this day 
Favourite overseas riding spot?
Barcelona no questions asked (including eurocamp skatepark which is about an hours drive from barca) 
What's your worst crash/injury from riding?
I’ve never really had a bad injury from riding (touch wood) worst things I’ve done are rolled ankles or a few swollen fingers from catching barspins funny 
What do you like to do when your not riding?
Chill out, play warzone, a bit of DJing every now and again although corona has but a halt to that at the moment 
Favourite rider you look upto?
All round favourite rider has to be Dennis Enarson the guy absolutely kills it everywhere he goes true all rounder 
Favourite video part?
One of the BSD ride to glory edits they remind me of growing up bmxing hahah 
Any video parts you been in? (Link them)
Nothing noteable yet, but Vans the circle is coming up 👀👀
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