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Andy Kay


Andys been around for a long time killing it around the Chorley scene not far from us in Wigan, he popped up on the radar during Seventies Backyard Jam when we were giving locals a lift to get to each event. Andy Shreds, no doubt about it and it was proven during the Vans the CIrcle video contest where Andy was one of 6 riders we selected to be part of the Alans Team. He put in the work and at the end we welcomed him to the Alans Family.



What's your name and where are you from?

Andy Kay and I'm from Chroley I started back in 2005 when I was 15 I think.

Where and who do you normally ride with?

Local park Euxton with locals or Manchester street with Bear, Pawel, Cookson and the BNGBNG crew

What's your favourite part on your bike and why?

Has to be the fit bikes pegs they slide super well

Anything special you do with your bike that you can't live without? 

I tape my cranks so tailwhips don’t destroy my heel not very special but it kinda helps 


Favourite Jam/Contest you been too?

Back yard jam! THE best AM contest

Favourite overseas riding spot?

Never rode overseas but Brooklyn banks looks the one! 

What's your worst crash/injury from riding?

Broken knee and torn Mcl from an ice pick in my local town

What do you like to do when your not riding?

Spend time with my son Stan

Favourite rider you look upto?

Favourite rider has to be Matt Ray! 

Favourite video part?

Matt rays Boston Massacre!!!

Any video parts you been in?

A few small features in dubjam edits that’s all


Andys current setup

FRAME: Wtp revolver
FORKS: Bsd jonsin forks
HEADSET: Unbranded headset
BARS: Federal Dan Lacey v2 bars
STEM: Odyssey Arron Ross boss stem
GRIPS: Odi extra long neck grips
SEAT: Fly bikes/Etnies colab seat
SEAT POST: Shadow conspiracy post
CRANKS: Odyssey thunderbolt cranks
BOTTOM BRACKET: Unbranded bb
PEDALS: Federal command pedals
CHAIN: Odyssey bluebird chain
FRONT HUB: Gsport simien from hub
SPOKES: Halo spokes
FRONT RIM: Gsport roll cage rim
REAR HUB: Eclat seismic 9t cassette
REAR RIM: Odyssey 7ka rear rim
TYRES: Demolition momentum tyres
TUIBES: Turbolito tubes
SPROCKET: Odyssey LA guardia 25t sprocket
HUB GUARDS: Gsport and eclat hub guards
PEGS: Fit bikes Ethan Corrie sleeper pegs x3

Follow Andy Kay on instagram: @a__oh__kay


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