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Lee Hebb

Lee Hebb has been shredding the skateparks of Manchester for what seems like eternity. Always full of energy and doing daft gaps Lee isn't shy of getting some airtime! Lee has recently been hooked up with a Flow sponsorship with WTP through Moore Large. We caught up with him to see what hes been up to:

Whats your name and where are you from?
My name is Lee Hebb and I’m from Oldham just outside of Manchester

Whats your favorite part on your bike?
My favorite part of on my bike has to be my GT camo seat... I need a new seat and just don’t wanna say goodbye jus that! 😂

Any special stickers or things you've customized on your bike?
I have a ‘Forever Manchester’ band tied to the headtube... I’ve had one tied there for about 8+ years... it’s my good luck charm 😅

Favorite jam/contest you've been too?
Probably the NASS shop riders jam... it was too set of riders and it was all in the name of fun!!

Whats your worst crash/injury from riding?
Worst crash and injury has to be the London stop of the U.K. BMX Vert Series when I pulled a little too hard on a flair-whip and over-rotated to my face 😂 broken nose and a nose reset 6 month later... and it still isn’t the same now 😂

What your favorite thing to do apart from riding?
Always been an outdoors person.. so probably doing something stupid somewhere outdoor 😂... I climbed a 50ft steel cross once. I’ll enclose a pic!

Who's your favorite rider you look up to?
Scotty Cranmer! I remember watching a video of him on ‘bmx online’ Of ‘how to flair’ from about 10 years ago. Helped me so much when I came to learn em. Also all his edit are mad even his old Felt Bikes sections.. so so good!

Favorite beverage after a long ride?
Coffee... copious amounts. If you know, you know.

Have you been overseas to ride? Favorite place?
My bikes taken me quite a few places... I’d say America... nothing beat the feeling of having my bike in Florida!

Whats it like riding in America and the contest scene there compared to the UK?
Super friendly riding community over there. Level of riding is insane with up and comers... Florida is so hot though! Shout out Spot Tampa, if your in Florida deffo check it out!

You can find lee over on Instagram @bmx_hebby

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