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Pawel Piotrowski

Pawel (Or Paw as we call him) has been working at AlansBMX for a while now and has constantly been shredding with the team already, so it was only natural that once a space opened up that he would make it on. Paw hails from Poland originally and has now moved to the UK living local to our store in Wigan.

We sat down with Paw and asked him a few questions:

What is you name and where are you from?

My name is Pawel Piotrowski and I come from Leszno, Poland but I live in Wigan currently.

When did you start riding and what was your first BMX?

I started riding just after Christmas in 2007 but I always say that I have been riding since 2008. My first BMX bike was a fully black 2007 Haro Forum Intro. I literally destroyed every single part on it within a few months haha, but I learned a lot about bike mechanics fixing it all the time. It was sooo heavy but at the time I started riding none of my friends tried to have a lightweight bike. We just rode after school almost everyday and had so much fun.

You moved from Poland to the UK, how do you find the difference in BMX scenes?

Well, the scene in the UK is much bigger and there are also more BMX shops. The Polish scene is not as big as UK’s one but there are plenty of good riders in Poland. It’s so good for me to see that many young riders in Poland progress really fast and start becoming serious shredders. Nothing but love for my Polish BMX mates.


What has been your worst injury?

Definitely knee injury which stopped me a little bit in two seasons. I sprained my knee around 4 times in total before I got to the right doctor that clearly said my ACL was gone. I’ve had the first surgery a month after an appointment and they fixed my broken meniscus at first. I remember when I woke up after first surgery and asked the doctor how’s my ligament (he told me before the surgery they will make a decision once they put a tiny camera inside my leg! Crazy). He answered straight away "ACL? You got no ACL my friend”. So after that I got the date for another surgery in the next 3 months. I was feeling better day by day so I think 4 weeks after the first surgery I was able to ride with a knee brace but nothing too crazy. At the time, the polish BMX championship took place in mid September (and that was my last weekend before surgery!) so I had a chance to take part in that competition. I was so stoked to meet many of my BMX mates before the longest break in my BMX story. I took 3rd place so not bad for a ACL-less rider, haha fun times.

Outside of BMX what do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to play video games, go for a walk or go out with my fiancee somewhere. I also stretch out at home and exercise to be in a good shape most of the time. Nothing uncommon, BMX is my main hobby and I spend most of my free time servicing my bikes and riding them.

You are hooked up by a few people, who are they?

There are a few companies I ride for currently. RMD Bike Co - a polish BMX brand, Brain Dead Family - a polish streetwear clothing brand owned by a well known polish rapper Slon - shoutout to him, he’s a good dude! I also have a partnership with Soxstory - a made in Poland socks company and obviously Alans BMX. I wouldn’t be there without a help from these companies and I’m very grateful for the opportunities they’ve given me so far! Massive thanks to all of you.


Where can we find you online?

Mostly I run my own Instagram @pawpiotrowski and I post my clips and photos there.

I also have a YouTube channel (Paw Piotrowski) which is no longer up to date but who knows, maybe one day I will get back to it. The videos I filmed last year are in polish but some older ones are riding edits so you can have a look.

You ever been on an overseas trip?

Never had a chance to do overseas trip! But apart from that a few days long trip to Prague, Czech Republic in 2014 with Yakuza BMX boys was sick. Never travelled much outside the country with my bike to be fair but hope to change it soon.

What is your most favourite part on your bike?

Definitely the pegs I designed with RMD. They slide hella good and they always last me a good while but I give them no mercy and I grind a lot! They come in 100 and 110mm option and I always use 110mm to get the extra grinding surface that helps with spins out of grinds and stuff like that.

Apart from the pegs, my fav part or lets just say important are the grips. I like flanged grips, soft and a bit tacky. ODI is my favorite company that got it all!


Full Bike Spec List

Frame: Volume Everlast 21.25

Fork: BSD Jonesin

Bars: BSD Raider OS

Stem: BSD Levelled OS

Grips: S&M Credence

Headset: RMD + BSD Highriser topcap

Seat: Federal Royale

Seatpost: RMD Pivotal

Sprocket: RMD 22&2 28T

Chain: Tall Order 510

Pedals: Eclat Plaza

Cranks: Demolition Rig 165mm

BB: Federal Mid BB 24mm

Rims: Revolt

Hubs: Revolt Molotov / Revolt Barrel 9T

Spokes: No idea haha

Tires: Demolition Momentum 2.35

Pegs: RMD Slide 110mm

Hubguards: 2x G-Sport GLAND MKV / 2x Eclat Overguard


Thanks Pawel!

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