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Sam Davies-Bate

If your from around Wigan, Sam needs no introduction. Previously seen cruising the streets in his sacked out Vito, hes now conquering the mountains in his Land Rover. He's always up for a ride, and helping the locals learn new things and get to skateparks and places they never would have made it too.

Sams been riding for the AlansBMX team for over 10 years now, we sat down with him recently and caught up with him to see how hes doing:


Whats your name and where are you from?
Wagwan my name is Sam Davies Bate and I'm from Wigan

Whats your favorite part on your bike?
I don't really have a favorite part as my bike is made from pretty much what I think is the strongest stuff in BMX, but probably the bonedeth 48s or the motorbone frame, I haven't straightened the wheels since i bought the bike just over 2 years ago and I cant brake em.

Any special stickers or things you've customized on your bike?
I have a few metal stickers on there and obviously the Wigan grip (Extremely long grips) is somewhat delightful.

Favorite jam/contest you've been too?
Probs the Alans all nighters we used to have at beast rampz in Manchester, mafakkin gauntlet boiiii

Favorite Wigan Street spot?
That would be telling ,😉😉 but favorite one that most people know of are either metal head steps and rails or St Marys bank to sub.

Whats your worst crash/injury from riding?
Probably the worst injury is when I tore all my insides up ripping stomach muscles damaging bowel and stomach wall herniated bowel and had to be all put back in place and loads of internal stitching to stop bleeding and hold everything back in place #fxckscooters

What your favorite thing to do apart from riding?
Blowing stuff up building stuff going fishing and exploring welding up random things

Favorite place to take your Land Rover?
Favorite place I'e been was deffo the Pyranees but over here is probably Rivington or in the lakes or Scotland

Who's your favourite rider you look up to? Do they have a video part you can link?
Jimmy Levan, hes fukkin nuts and pushed what people were doing back then, I aint one for tech riding. Sean Burns is another dude I look up to aswell as people like Morgan Wade, Gary Young ,Steven Hamilton to name a few and not to mention the notorious STREET DAVE.

Favourite beverage after/during a long ride?
Orange zade boi

Have you been overseas to ride? Favorite place?
I've been over to Woodward West twice was pretty sick apart from braking my ankle the 1st time and 3 concussions the 2nd time

Whats it like riding over there compared to the UK?
Hot and pretty chilled to be fair jamming the trails in the evening was fun

What does the WSM mean in wsmsam?
Wigan Street Mafia

You can check out Sam on instagram @wsmsam

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