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1983 GT Pro

Built by us using a nice survivor 1983 GT Pro frame and fork, origianl chrome with new decals and assembled with all new parts from Kashimax, Dia-Compe, A'ME, MCS, Neptune & Tange. 

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Survivor Pro frame and fork. Very good original chrome, had original stickers (see photos) but we have fitted new ones. Brake bridge is flattened slightly (see photo) but you don't really see this now the brake is fitted.

Tange MX320 sealed alloy headset.

Diamond Back 36H alloy wheels.

Tioga Comp III skinwall 1.75/2.125" tyres. 

Kenda inner tubes. 

MKS BM-7 pedals. 

GT Power Series allloy crank. 

GT sealed American bottom bracket. 

Neptune alloy spider. Made in USA. 

MCS Chainring 44T.

ID chrome chainring bolts. 

Mirage Classic chain. We weren't sure about the yellow, so if you rather have black or silver just let know before desptach and we'll swap it for you. 

SunTour - style Power stem.

United 9.5" Pro bars with GT stickers.

A'ME Tri grips. 

Kashimax Aero seat.

ETC cromo seatpost with GT sticker. 

Dia-Compe MX-890 brake. 

Dia-Compe Tech-III brake lever. 

Dia-Compe cable. 

Flite padset.


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