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1991 Robinson Pro XL Custom Build


1991 Robinson, in rare Pro XL length with 20.5" toptube. Assembled with all new parts from Dia-Compe, GT, Kashimax, Odyssey, Tange, Dia-Compe, etc by our mechanic Adam. 


1991 Robinson Pro XL frame and fork. Freshly powder coated gloss white. New stickers. The 20.5" toptube length makes it much more rideable and as we have some Old School Racin' coming up soon - this bike would fit the bill perfectly. Made in USA. 

Tange MX320 sealed bearing. 

SunTour style Power stem. 

Tall Order 9" Pro handlebars. Lightweight multi butted cromo. Robinson stickers applied. 

A'ME Round grips.

Odyssey Sidewinder brake lever. 

Dia-Compe Bulldog brake. 

Kashimax RS seat.

ETC 14" Straight seatpost with Robinson sticker. 

GT Power Series alloy cranks 175mm.

Sealed bearing bottom bracket. 

Haro Fusion DX pedals. 

MCS Alloy spider, made in USA. 

ID alloy hainring bolts. 

Alloy 44T chainring. 

Diamond Back by Raleigh alloy 36H wheels front and rear. 

Kenda K55 tyres, 1.75".

Chrome 16T freewheel. 

Cult 410 chain chrome. 


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