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1999 GT Pro Performer Survivor Bike

Check out this sweet 23 year old GT Performer 1999-model with a ton of nice original parts. Our mechanic Adam went through this baby top to bottom including rebuilding the wheels with stainless spokes. 

Order here. Worldwide shipping. 

Now VERY hard to find in condition as good as this, as riding was evolving these bikes were beaten to death and parts swapped. Who knows if we'll come across another this tidy. 

Original Parts
GT Pro Performer Frame (including original stickers)
GT 'Pac-Man' Fork (including original stickers)
GT Seat
GT Seatpost
GT Seatclamp
GT Piston stem
GT Crank
GT Bottom bracket
GT Sprocket (with new sticker) 
SST Oryg
All other parts are original except:

New Parts
GT LP-5 1.75" tyres
GT Super Soft grips
All new brake cables
Cult KMC 410 chain 
Halo stainless steel spokes

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