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2025 Kink Bikes

Kink have just launced their 2024 model bikes, actually one of the few brands that have released a new model line this year since the post-Covid oversupply situation.

Starting out as an aftermarket parts companies, Kink jumped into the complete bike game a good few years ago and right off the bat set a new standard to quality and price, rivalling that widely-regarded high-watermark of completes, Wethepople.

Kink BMX Bikes Digital Chameleon Kink 2025 Kicker 18 Inch Bike Digital Chameleon

Kink Kicker 18"

This new Kink line hits all the right marks with their kids bikes, in 12", 14", 16" and 18". Then the 20" line has something for everyone, from the entry-level Curb in three colours to the fully tricked-out and awesome-value Nathan Williams signature model. Along the way they offer their Gap and Whip in 21" toptube XL models which won't break the bank if you are a taller rider. 

Kink BMX Bikes 21 / Terrazzo White Kink 2025 Gap XL 21" TT Bike Terrazzo White

Kink Gap XL

As you can see, the new models look great as always, covering the always popular black but mixing it up a bit with some new colourways and grphics, amogst our favourites being the Gap in Terrazzo White, the Switch in Astro Red and the Curb in Desert Gold.

See the whole new Kink line here

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