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A Soul Like Yours by Matt Kelly read by Johnny Vegas

No one should be homeless this Christmas. Give the gift of a Brick Supported Christmas and help build a better future for people suffering hardship and homelessness:

When you place an order on you will be given the option of making a donation of your choice to The Brick. However at this time of year  between now and Christmas we will match all donations made and 100% of these will go directly to The Brick or just TEXT BRICK5 to 70480 to Donate £5. 

A Soul Like Yours is a collaboration between The Brick, a charity working in the homeless sector, actor/comedian Johnny Vegas, poet Matt Kelly and film maker Tom Woodward. This project reflects on how disadvantage and unequal opportunities can impact a person’s journey through life. At The Brick we believe that everyone deserves equal life chances which starts with dignity and a safe, comfortable and warm place to call home. We hope you enjoy our words and video – if you would like to learn more about our campaign and the work we do visit

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