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Alans BMX | 40 Years in Photos

To celebrate our 40 years in BMX every Sunday for 52 weeks we’ll be posting on Instagram & Facebook of our favourite photos from our riders over those four decades.

Week 1: Andy Minshull 1984

Here Andy Minshull "Spider-Man" is twisting it up on his new Torker Freestylist back in 1984 for a Freestylin’ mag feature on the UKBMX scene @southseaskatepark . Photo: Bob Osbourne. Who else can you spot in this photo?

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Week 2: Bradley Minns 2007

Bradley Minns Crash

This week we jump forward a few decades to 2007 and a shot of one of our Alans BMX/Shimano DXR race team, Bradley Minns, taking a hard one in his cruiser 11-12 Semi. I don't really like watching crashes but this just proved how badass Brad was, he got up and won his B-final would you believe. You could definitely trust those Giro helmets! Bradley was a great racer and his dad Bob is a legend, he took time to come and see us a few years ago, one of the best families we've dealt with obver the 40 years. Brad has a kid himself now so who knows he might get back into the BMX scene at some point, would be cool to see. Sorry I don't know who the original photographer was, if anyone knows please DM us. 

Check everyone's faces in the background. Here's the video, caution advised!

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