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Alans BMX appointed as UK and European distributor for TORKER BMX products.


1st February 2024

Alans BMX appointed as UK and European distributor for TORKER BMX products.

Torker, the beloved BMX brand that dominated tracks in the 80s and late 90s is back and ready to continue it’s winning legacy with a new generation.

Bill Ryan, owner of Supercross BMX and Speedline, has purchased not only the Torker brand, but also Torker’s sister brand – MAX, reuniting the two iconic Johnson Family brands for the first time since 1985.

Throughout its 47-year history, Torker has come and gone several times. In 1976, Torker built their frame; then in 1980, MAX was founded. After several years of growth and success on the track, in 1985, both brands were auctioned off due to bankruptcy. In the sale, both brands were separated, with MAX being shelved indefinitely, and Torker being rebranded as Torker 2 after it was purchased by Tioga. In 1995, SBS attempted to bring Torker back with USA-made frames and several options of complete bikes; however, in 2001, the brand was revamped to produce family-style bikes (beach cruisers, tricycles, unicycles, etc.), and Torker left the BMX world once again.

NOW, with new leadership, passion, and the help of Torker/MAX enthusiasts and former Torker pros such as Hollywood Mike Miranda, Eddy King, and Eddie Fiola (and more!), Mr. Ryan is dedicated revive Torker and MAX by creating products that stay true to original beloved brands, while bringing the BMX community new items for the modern race world. “This is a labor of love.” – Bill Ryan

Torker is expecting to debut several styles, sizes, and models of frames at DirtyFest 2024 in Temecula, Ca. Styles will include Retro (1-inch headsets & caliper brakes) frame/fork sets, several Modern-Retro (Modern technology with a retro styling) frame/fork sets, and a line of fully Modern chromoly race frame that will carry Torker’s signature twin-top-tube into the future.

MAX pants and Torker apparel have already started shipping in 2023. Go to to see what is already available, and while you are there, you can subscribe to emails, so you are the first to know about new collections and exclusive offers.

Torker To The MAX! 

I am so stoked to see this to see this come come full circle and be entrusted with us. Alans BMX were the Torker importer from April 1981 until their bankruptcy in November 1984. We then purchased all their frame inventory in February 1985 and continued to sell the brand in the UK throughout the 80’s and beyond right up till they became collectible!

Now with this new Torker range we are working very closely with the brand and hope to set the gold standard for BMX heritage. We will be distributing throughout the UK and Europe and I can’t wait to share what we have planned.

Alan Woods, ALANS BMX

We could of never thought of a better partner in the UK than Alan Woods. Alan, truly is BMX, he has the passion the heart, and is not in it for the money, but in it for the fun and the joy that BMX brings us all.  And after a few long talks, not only was I proud to bring Supercross and Speedline back to the UK in Alan’s care, but also the newest project, Torker Racing and Max BMX Products.  It feels good to be back home! 

Bill Ryan, Torker Racing

Founded in 1981, the oldest BMX shop in the UK has seen it all in 42 years. Supporting the scenes whether that is a race team, park (we helped Charlotte Worthington on the way to a gold medal in Tokyo), street riders and now flatland. BMX runs in our blood! In 2001 we put on the very very first Old School BMX event on in the UK and have seen that grow into what it is today. In November 2022 Alan was inducted into the British BMX Hall of fame in the category Pioneer BMX Racer. BMX4LIFE.

Torker was founded originally in 1975 as Texacon and was later converted to the Torker brand by Steve Johnson, the co-founder and head honcho of the brand.  Now Torker after years of floundering is back on stable feet in the Supercross BMX compound. 

Torker EK frame and fork kit and Torker nylon padset by Flite, available 12.4.24.

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