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Alans BMX appointed as UK importer for HERESY BMX products

With stock here in the UK- the time for UK flatlanders having to order from overseas - not know how long it is going to take and what the duty, vat and and handling fees will be - is hopefully over. Even frame options not in stock should be able to be supplied in a few days without any extra fees and a price close to the Euro. Heresy is such a great brand with an amazing team of course with the newly crowned UCI World Champion, Aude Cassagne. 

Hopefully with the product here on hand, that the customer can get next day will help UK flatland grow. We have been supporting the UK Flatland League and it is Alex there that really made us look at flatland. The final straw was when I watched the Worlds in Glasgow and was blown away with the progression. I also think that flatland can be an entry point into BMX for new riders as it so accessible, we want to work with anyone who is looking at initiatives to grow flatland in the UK. Super excited about this! 
Alan Woods, ALANS BMX

H E R E S Y is finally available in the UK through Alans BMX, a shop we have so much respect for, when lifers meet ! Products have already arrived at the shop including the 2023 ASCEND frames, our new HOOD stempad, ZEPHYR tyres etc. UK flatland has a long history with pioneers and legendary top original riders, and we are super happy to start contributing to its current growth. Flatland is fun from the first trick learnt and H E R E S Y products are specially designed to experience that, anywhere you live.
Alexis Desolneux, HERESY BMX 

Founded in 1981, the oldest BMX shop in the UK has seen it all in 42 years. Supporting the scenes whether that is a race team, park (we helped Charlotte Worthington on the way to a gold medal in Tokyo), street riders and now flatland. BMX runs in our blood! In 2001 we put on the very very first Old School BMX event on in the UK and have seen that grow into what it is today. In November 2022 Alan was inducted into the British BMX Hall of fame in the category Pioneer BMX Racer. BMX4LIFE.

H E R E S Y was born in 2009 as Alexis Desolneux dreamt to create a project with friends which would become their own medium of expression where riding meets music and art influences… A project which would value the essence of flatland, the universal experience of riding your bike on flat ground, anywhere in the world, at any level. Quickly products were designed and the original AscenD frame design was born with the goal to establish a classic flatland shape. Simple but unique, it aims to be both functional and beautiful. The frame came as a necessity to create the riding H E R E S Y riders had on their mind. The brand has a long video history archived on Vimeo (heresybmx), with team videos and creative individual video edits from George Manos, Sebastian Grubinger, Matthieu Bonnécuelle, Michaël Husser, Peter Olsen, Takahiro Enoki and Alexis Desolneux. Recently Jeanne Seigneur and Aude Cassagne joined H E R E S Y and we’re happy to support them as they are pushing women flatland and flatland in general in their own way. 

H E R E S Y offers 100% flatland products but is also definitely open to take flatland to the streets with a whole range of products designed to bring both types of riding together for more fun and possibilities. 

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