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Alans BMX: Wethepeople Buck Full Custom Build

Tom fills you in on the details of this fresh build we just finished for a customer, get in touch if you'd us to build your dream bike. Phone us on 01942 825598.

Build list:
Wethepeople Buck frame, 20.75"
Wethepeople Battleship forks
Wethepeople Everlast bars, 9.37"
Wethepeople Compact headset
Wethepeople Logic cranks, 165mm
Wethepeople Hydra stem, 36mm
Wethpeople Activate tyres, 2.35"
Eclat Bios Fat Pivotal seat
Eclat Torch 15mm seatpost, 230mm
Eclat Abyss Guard sprocklet, 25T
Primo logo flangeless grips
United Supreme X510 chain Odyssey
Odyssey Evo 2.5 brake kit
Federal Stance cassette wheelset, RHD

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