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Alans BMX Partners with The Brick Charity


We are pleased to announce our partnership with The Brick here in Wigan. 

The Brick Project is a small project that delivers big results for the community it serves.  

It offers services to people who are homeless, in poverty or facing debt crisis. As its name suggests, it provides a safe, solid building block for people in crisis to begin to construct a new life and become valuable members of society.

The services run by the Brick Project includes a Crisis Intervention Service and Wigan’s largest Food Bank. Both are managed by a small staff team but the main support to our service users is delivered by volunteers. The Brick also operates statutory tendered projects offering support to people in their tenancies; ensuring people newly homeless move quickly into accommodation, and ensuring that homeless people receive good health care and support if in hospital. Staff and volunteers at the Brick Project help people tackle the root causes of homelessness, debt, poverty and hunger. 

Starting today, you will be able to make a donation when you place an order online at checkout here on and 100% of that donation goes directly to The Brick. 

Additionally we will make donations directly ourselves, fundraise and we have plans for some collabs which will see proceeds going to support this charity. 

For more information about The Brick, what they do, how you can donate or volunteer please see here.



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