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Alan's ELF Build

Been thinking about building up a 20" for a while now - the footage from the Frogtown old school track definately inspired me - I was looking for something a bit left-field, when this ELF came up on Ebay.... Not a Double Cross but it has a 19.5" toptube and the double dropouts, orignal chrome and OG stickers. It's actually from 1990 and ELF isn't a brand we had much dealings with, I think probably Hot Wheels imported them in the 80's, along with a lot of other long-lost boutique brands. 

Here it is in all it's garden glory from the Ebay ad!

So then it was on to think about parts for the build. Sam Stobart of Profile Europe shared this great ELF UK team photo from right around that time:

As you can see these are Double Cross frames (with the double chainstays) and the parts look like standard 80's fare, Redline Flights, etc. This brought me to thinking about what cranks to run and when Profile changed from the Box style to the rounded arms we have today which led me to the conprehensive article on BMX Meseum:

So, modern Profiles will do the job for me then. Here is my build list so far:

Bars: S&M Slam bars

Stem: S&M x Alans BMX 40 Years Shafted Redneck 

Headset: Tange MX320

Grips: A'ME Round

Seat: Shadow Conspiracy Trey Jones drop-nose

Seatpost: S&M cro-mo


Spider: Profile Retro

Chainring: Profile 

Bolts: Alloy

Chain: 3/32" probably an Izumi. 

Pedels: Undecided right now but might use new DMR V12's. 

Tyres: Tioga Compe II skinwall 1.75"/21.25"

Brake: ACS BOA

Lever: Odyssey Trigger


Still looking for these parts, new or used, can you help?

Profile Racing OG seatclamp 25.4mm ID like below - Any colour

Wheels. Any sealed bearing 80's/90's hubs and period rims, ie Sun Ringlé Colour not important, rims must be straight though. 

Please email us if you can help.

Oh and the 1990 style Mirage plate I made a few years ago might come in handy:


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