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Alans Factory Supercross Race Team Report Rounds 7 & 8 Manchester

Last weekend saw Manchester BMX club host rounds 7 & 8 of the National series. The team had almost a full turn out and the riders were determined to show their worth.


Kira Lee dusted off her race gear to have a go at her annual National in 17-29 cruiser, 17 riders on day one meant a semi final and Kira comfortably qualified through the moto’s and was riding hard in her semi and was sitting in a solid 4th place all the way round until the last straight and fitness got the better of her and she was pipped for the dreaded 5th. Day two came with one less rider and Kira plugged away all day but ended up in 9th place after moto’s just missing out on the final. Kira has decided to compete in the last two rounds in Birmingham, it’s getting addictive this BMX malarkey.


Abi Pike, also racing in the cruiser class missed the last race weekend in Cumbernauld and was hoping for a good result to cement a strong top eight place, unfortunately after qualifying through her moto’s she was forced off the track in the second straight hit the soft stuff and crashed falling on her left arm which left her out for the rest of the weekend, X-rays back in Ipswich showed no fracture so just a frustrating time for Abi.


Another female cruiser rider Lea Pendleton racing in the 30+ ladies category made both finals over the weekend and had to fight from the back on Saturday following a terrible start to finish in 6th and she managed one place better on Sunday with a 5th.


TM Benters made both 50+ cruiser finals and finished 5th on Saturday then fought through the field to finish 4th on Sunday after getting himself hung out wide in turn one. All good points for the team.


Lexie Cairns continued with her resurgence in form battling hard all weekend with two well deserved 5th place finishes, fingers crossed she can bag herself another podium before the season is over, she really deserves it.


Todd Smith-Notman racing in a really tough 13 year old boys class managed both mains and two 7th place finishes, Todd’s form seems to be levelling out right now at around this position but in BMX so many things happen in one race to alter the results, we all know Todd has got podiums in him, hopefully in the last couple of rounds.


Marcus Mullen battled hard all weekend and put in some good performances in his moto’s but couldn’t quite seem to hit the right lines in his semis and had to settle for the B finals where he won on Saturday and finished 2nd on Sunday (9th & 10th respectively), I know Marcus will be battling hard in Birmingham to end the season on a high.


Alexis McCartney back doubling up on two bikes was looking very stylish on her cruiser, jumping just about everything in sight, she rode great with two podium 3rd place finishes in 13-16 girls cruiser and a 10th and 12th place on her 20” class, no mean feat considering her B final was almost immediately following her cruiser.
Great to see Alexis enjoying herself on a bike and looking very stylish.


Finn Munro has really started to up his game these last few weeks, he is beginning to show a lot of class, a 4th place finish on Saturday doesn’t tell the whole story, Finn was inches away from grabbing the holeshot down the start hill and we have picked up on points he needs to improve on from there but Sunday he rode awesome all day and managed a fantastic 2nd place and Finn’s best result of the season.


Maisie Egan once again became the top points scorer for the weekend with a 2nd on Saturday and a win on Sunday, we will focus on the positives for Maisie because she is riding great and really puts a dominant shift in every time she races, we will definitely not mention these wide lines into corners that invites other riders to slip under and take the holeshot prize and the win 😂. Great racing tho from Trixie and Maisie and it’s great to see such quality from young riders.


Wrapping up the race report we have Lexi Waite, Lexi entered the weekend in not the best frame of mind she was obviously feeling a bit of pressure and although she eased through her moto’s she found herself in some strange positions in the semi final and final on Saturday a 4th place finish and not the result she was looking for, Lexi is quickly becoming our ‘Sunday Girl’ and has already pulled out wins when it mattered on every Sunday this season, she gets in a very special zone and flicks a switch to dominate, round 8 was the same, focussed, head down and cranked the arse out of that bike to put in a personal best lap time of 34.4 seconds, not bad for a 14 year old girl racing up a year. This result meant Lexi has done enough to wrap up the title with a couple of rounds to spare. Well done Lexi, you’re an inspiration to everyone who knows you, especially your TM, I know BC are watching your progress and who can blame them. Keep Pushing.


The BMX circus rolls onto Birmingham next weekend for the final two rounds of the series. Alans Factory Supercross have almost certainly secured a place in the Elite League for teams next season and will be looking to strengthen up in all age classes, if anyone fancies a swap onto a close knit group focussed on enjoyment with getting good results please have a word with Benters around the track, we are looking g for regular ‘A’ final riders, a W plate wouldn’t go amiss either 😂.


Thanks to Suzanne aka BMX Widow for the amazing pictures of the weekend.


Thanks to our sponsors for their incredible support:


All rider photos © BMX Widow Photography 

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