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Animal Bikes Parts Drop

Always a good day when we get a delivery from Animal Bikes

A bit about Animal from Ralph himself here:

I incorporated Animal Bikes on January 1st, 2000 to represent and supply bike parts for BMX street riding for the new century. My riding crew in and around New York City pedalled around all day and night finding amazing spots and getting as crazy as we could on them. Whenever someone would do a wild move, they were called an Animal. It only made sense for me to call the company Animal as it was based on the toughest parts for the craziest riders. I wanted no BS or gimmicks to sell the parts and I have made sure we stuck to this. Thanks for the support and representation from all the riders, shops, and distributions worldwide.

 Animal Bikes GLH Tyres

OK we'll start with the venerable Animal Bikes GLH (Go Like Hell) tyres. This has been a favourite amongst our customers for many years now, these things last ages, roll fast and unlike some fashionable new tyres, actually have some grip in a variety of conditions. Takes up to 110psi. 

Next we have the Animal Bikes Edwin V2 grips. While we don't sell as many of these as we did in 2006, but they still have a loyal following and always sell out. These are actually the longer V2 flangeless version and currently come in black, purple or army green with Animal's own push-in nylon barends. 

I guess this is a good time to have a quick watch of Edwin's part from "Can I Eat?" 

Moving on, we have the Animal Bikes pivotal seats - we got the Luv Seat
which is a Mid size with the Animal Griffin head logo embroidery and it comes in Black or Army Green. Then we have the tried and true Animal Cush Pivotal Seat, built on a lightly padded base with durable Kevlar-style cover with all-over Animal Griffin Head logo pattern. To go with the seats we also have Animal Bikes pivotal seatposts

The Animal Bikes Rat Trap pedals are one of their newer products, made from a nylon based plastic. The pedal features a wide, slim body with additional corner pins to reduce slipping. We have 'em in in black, purple, green or red. 

Last but not least, we got the Animal Bikes Mike Hoder 710 chain. Made by KMC and you know if Holder lent his name to this, it's going to be solid. 

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