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Backpacks for Children in Ireland's Direct Provision System

For the whole of this week when you buy a backpack from Alans BMX (any brand) until 23rd August, we will donate another to @eciycireland for children in Direct Provision.

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Direct Provision started in 1999 as a means for housing asylum seekers In Ireland. Designed as a temporary base for six months this accommodation system holds families in isolated areas with little or no access to basic services for years. Parents have reported spending a minimum of three years in deplorable conditions; with whole families in one room, including children, and individuals sleeping on mattresses. This causes long-term damage to health, educationally disadvantages children and adults, and isolates asylum seekers from the Irish community. This is compounding the damage already experienced by asylum seekers who have fled dangerous conditions such as war, genocide or persecution.

By buying a backpack from us you give a child in DP a chance to start school this term with a smart new school essential. If you are in Ireland and can help with stationery and school clothes there are collection points in Dublin, Limerick, Ennis and Galway city See

Thank you @theblindboypodcast for bringing this cause to our attention.

#enddirectprovision #righteeducation #childrenrights #right2work

EveryChildisYourChild is Community group working to provide Back2school assistance for children living in the Direct Provision system in Ireland.

This is from last year's campaign but they are running it again for 2020:

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