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BMX MOT - 2020 WeThePeople Battleship Complete Bike

BMX MOT, where we take an in depth look at a product or bike here at alansbmx. This time we are diving into the WeThePeople Battleship Complete Bike, one of WTPs highest spec completes stacked with aftermarket parts meaning you wont have to replace anything to start shredding like a pro.

WeThePeople Battleship RHD Complete Bike Raw

The Battleship is actually WeThePeoples aftermarket frame that in 2019 they decided to build into a complete bike. The Battleship is a technical street orientated frame hence the freecoaster and 4 pegs included with the complete bike. The bike is built using 100% aftermarket parts from WTP, Eclat and Salt Plus, if you really wanted to you could spec the bike out individually although it would cost a lot more.

For 2020 the WTP Battleship comes in 2 colours, for the RHD versions of the bike it comes in Raw and for the LHD versions it comes in Coral Red. We are going to be taking a closer look specifically at the RHD one as that is what we have in stock here at the shop currently, but they are the same spec bike apart from Drive Side and colour.

The WTP Battleship Frame

The Battleship frame is probably one of WTPs most popular frames. Championed by most the pro team until 2019 (when they got their own sig frames) its the go to technical street frame out there.

WeThePeople Battleship RHD Raw Complete BMX Bike

Featuring a short 12.7 rear end, thicker CNC dropouts, removable brake mounts and intergrated seat clamps it was designed with Team input to work flawlessly with Pegs and Hub Guards even when slammed. The frames made using butted and seamless japanese 4130 tubing and where it meets the 127mm tall headtube the tubing is hydroformed and flares out to increase welding surface area for stiffness without adding a load of weight. You can also run up to a 2.5 tyre thanks to the wider chainstays.

Whats Included in the Box?

Included with the bike are of course the WeThePeople Logic pedals, eclat BIOS Pivotal Seat and WeThePeople Team Pivotal Seatpost as shown in the images but there is also another box that has the included eclat VENOM pegs and a full set of hub guards. The Venom pegs are 4.8 inches long plastic sleeved peg. Plenty of length for those Crook grinds and slippery for almost any surface you are abusing and when mated to the 4 Nylon hub guards you will be protected as well.

Features to Note

We can't say it enough, the 2020 WTP Battleship Complete is stacked full of parts. But some things still jump out at us. WTP used the new larger 25.4mm clamp bars and stem on this bike. The larger OS clamp means a stiffer and stronger handlebar that is less likely to slip and move on hard landings and impacts.

WeThePeople Battleship RHD Raw Complete BMX Bike

Moving onto the wheels the 2020 WTP Battleship complete has eclat BONDI rims laced to WTP Helix hubs front and rear. The BONDI Rim is a large 38mm wide welded rim meaning its super tough without weighing the bike down too much.

WeThePeople Battleship RHD Raw Complete BMX Bike

The WTP Helix Freecoaster on the rear keeps you speeding backwards smoothly with its full sealed bearing shell and male axle and using a new 8 point friction system making it more consistent on engagement, mated to the WTP Helix Front Hub and the full set of hubguards for one solid wheelset

WeThePeople Battleship RHD Raw Complete BMX Bike

Other things to mention is the shorter 165mm WeThePeople Logic cranks for extra peg clearance, The Nylon Guarded eclat ELEVATE Sprocket to protect your chain and also the eclat Talon brake with Salt MOTO Brake Lever if you want to stop without ruining your Vans.

WeThePeople Battleship RHD Raw Complete BMX Bike

To Conclude

As mentioned at the start of this review, there is almost nothing you would need to upgrade on this bike if you rode at a pro level. Although people have preferences for pedals and handlebar grips, this is what the pros ride. Most of the WTP Team are riding this frame or these cranks or these tyres. And if you were to price it all up separately it would cost a lot more.

The WeThePeople Battleship complete is a great bike for those who have been riding their bike for a while and need more than just a couple of parts to freshen it up, and at £1149.99 in the UK once you factor in the Frame, wheels, cranks etc it adds up quickly.

We do free shipping in the UK Mainland and ship all over the world. We also offer Finance (subject to availability) for UK residents.

You can checkout a full spec of the bike and purchase here:

WeThePeople Battleship Compete RHD Raw

WeThePeople Battleship Complete LHD Coral Red

V12 Finance Available

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