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Alans BMX Team Race Report: Rounds 1&2 Manchester

The 2020 BMX season got underway with the Alans BMX Heritage team sporting a new look, a motocross inspired tribute to legend Johnny O’Mara and his early 80’s Mugen Honda kit. I have to say the new kit was the talk of the paddock, everyone loves it. The kit was complimented by 100% products with the pants, gloves and helmets matching perfectly. The team have also the full support of some amazing products and guys behind the scenes from tyres by Tioga, Gusset grips & cranks to amazing Halo wheels, even down to perfectly kit matching decals by Big Daddy for our Box plates. 

Joe Parr
Joe was back in superclass for the 2020 season. He had a decent day on the Saturday just getting knocked out in the motos by one point. On the Sunday Joe raced against some of the worlds best UCI riders preparing for the SX round in April and had a good day placing 5th 5th 3rd in motos and gained a place in the semi final where he went out. He said the bike felt better then ever with the 7 degree gusset bars and halo wheels that ran super smooth with the tioga fast r tyres which super grip.

Jason Lee
Jason was looking good on track with super track skills on display, unfortunately getting knocked out at the quarter final stage on both days. On a really positive note Jason grabbed the hole shot in his quarter on Saturday but left himself on the outside to get run up the first turn, valuable lessons learned for the next rounds. 

Kira Lee
Kira had a good weekend and was very happy to make all four A-finals with tougher new competition in both her classes. In her cruiser class she finished 2nd and 4th and in her 20” class she finished 6th and 7th. Tough season ahead for Kira with A levels to study for but she will be giving it everything in the races she takes part it as usual. 

Karl Sanderson
Karl racing for the first time since his injury in September 2018. 
Racing in the 50+ categories 
Cruiser and Grandvets. 
Day 1. Cruiser Going good until the final when got blocked down the hill. Managed to get back to 4th place. 20” Grandvets Karl rode well to finish on the podium in 3rd.
Day 2. Cruiser riding a little better. Went for a move in the final to take 1st in last corner. Didn’t come off and ended 3rd.|
Grandvets 20 inch final. Got a good gate from lane 7. Went into first corner in second but unfortunately the way that corner is. If you get pushed wide. You sometimes end in the pro section. Race over.
Some positive to take from the weekend
On to the next one in Birmingham. 

John Bentley
John had the weekend from heaven, he made the decision towards the end of last season to train hard for this year and enter into a specific training program to participate in this years world championships in Houston, Texas. 

Up until last weekend John’s highest national result was a 3rd place. 

Now he is a quadruple National winner as he fought hard in both cruiser and Grand Vets 20” class to take both wins on both days gaining victory in two finals on the line by a few inches. John is desperately trying to wipe the grin off his own face at the minute but keeping his feet firmly planted ready for Birmingham in just under a month.

AlansBMX Heritage team are currently lying 2nd in the team standings only two points behind the leaders.


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