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Bullseye in the UK - USA Made CNC Parts

We are pleased to provide Bullseye USA Products over here in the UK. We are the sole importer of Bullseye direct from Bullseye USA and are super stoked. The high end quality parts from Hubs, to Brakes and Brake Levers to Cranks and BBs, all of them look amazing.

Here's the scoop from Bullseye themselves:

Bullseye Cycle was founded in 1973 in Southern California.
We pioneered many component designs and showcased innovations that set the reference for the cycling industry. For over 40 years Bullseye Cycle has manufactured High-Performance bicycle components of superior quality, reliability with stunning, minimalist aesthetics.

Our Legendary hubs, State-of-the-art brakes, Lightning-fast bottom brackets, bombproof Pro Round pedals and Industry changing cranks are manufactured and assembled in the US from both Foreign and domestic sources. Utilizing environmentally friendly production practices along the way. The Bullseye philosophy on design is intended to be stunningly beautiful, simply innovative, emotion evoking and bulletproof.


We are aiming to stock the main parts:

Although we cannot stock it all we are trying to stock the main things. THe parts we currently have instock are:

Bullseye Billet American Bottom Bracket

These USA Made CNC Bottom Brackets are a work of art. Using precision sealed bearings and Anodized alloy cups they come with adjustable collars with grub screws to dial in your bearings perfectly for that fast spinning action.

Bullseye Raceworks Dual Chain Tensioners

USA Made using the original Bullseye Design from back in the day. Sold as a pair in anodized colours the Raceworks Dual Chain tensioner has 2 holes for fine tuning your chain tension ensuring they work on most race and oldschool frames. Perfect to protect those dropouts and add a bit of bling.

Bullseye Original Old School Hubset

The original Bullseye hub design we used here at Alans in 1982 on our Robinsons, still being produced and was rated BMXPLUS's #1 hub of all time. Using Sealed Enduro bearings these puppies are super smooth. And we offer custom wheel building service so wether you have your own rims or want these building onto something we have get in touch. Available in anodized colours such as Red or Blue

Bullseye Elite Pro CNC Sealed Pedal

The best of the best, American made, Bullseye know how to do it and with their Elite series pedals they hit the nail on the head. 3rd Generation of Unique, Radical, Ultra-Stable platform pedals. 9/16 spindle for three piece cranks and anodized colours.

As always if there is something you want from Bullseye and we don't list it, let us know and we will sort something out.

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