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Raleigh Burners for Ukraine

Burners For Ukraine

About the Project
Alans BMX and Raleigh have teamed up to support the Bikes4Ukraine charity with two unique one-off Raleigh Burner BMX bikes. A Mk1 and a Mk2 in Ukraine colours have been produced with Skyway Tuff Wheels, with brakes and tyres supplied by Ison Distribution, special graphics by Delcals and pads by Esemdesign. Each bike is an exclusive one-off. 

100% of the proceeds of the sale of these bikes goes to the Bikes4Ukraine charity. 




About the Bikes

The Mk1 is based on a re-issue Super Tuff Burner frame, fork and handlebar supplied to us by (yes the gold bike) which we had stripped and powder coated. The crank, chainring and spider are from the Super Tuff too. The Mk2 is an original mid-80's frame, fork and bar which our friend Chris at Body-Tec hand sprayed for us at his bodyshop then finished in clear laquer. 

The rest of the bike features hand-picked parts with skinwall Comp III tyres and Dia-Compe brakes supplied by Ison Distribution, MKS BM-7 alloy caged pedals, Kool Stop brake pads, ODI & A'ME grips and more good stuff. 

The finishing touches were stickers by Delcals and original-style vinyl snap pads by Esemdesign, with artwork created by the team at Raleigh. 


Read the full press release:

Thursday 29th September 2022 - Raleigh, the British bicycle brand, is supporting Alans BMX and the charity Bikes4Ukraine  - Alans BMX will be raffling off two one-off custom Raleigh Burner Bikes in Ukraine colours to raise funds for the charity so refugees can be supplied with bikes.

So far, thousands of refugees have left their homes with next to nothing and public transport is under extreme pressure. With limited alternative ways to travel, Raleigh and Alans BMX understand the urgency to support a charity. 

Bikes4Ukraine is raising funds to support the collection of second hand bikes and transportation of them to Ukrainian cities such as Lviv, where thousands of people are currently seeking refuge. In order to help the charity, formed by Mikael Colville-Andersen, an internationally renowned expert on cycling and urban mobility, Alans BMX built one Mk1 and one Mk2 Raleigh Burner BMX bikes. The bikes are specced with Dia-Compe brakes and Tioga tyres supplied by Ison Distribution, special graphics by Delcals and pads by Esemdesign and of course the iconic Skyway Tuff Wheels.

The two Raleigh Burner bikes will be auctioned on Ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to Bikes4Ukraine. The Raleigh Burner is an iconic bike that made BMX accessible to all in the 1980’s - with that in mind, Raleigh hopes to speak to an audience of bicycle fans that can reminisce about how a bike can change the narrative of freedom and inspire their fans to bid on the bike. 

How the Raleigh Burner Bike fundraiser for Bikes4Ukraine works:
1. Place a bid on Ebay for the bikes to be in the likes of buying it and help raise funds for this urgent cause. 100% of the proceeds go to Bikes4Ukraine!

2. To donate additionally go to:

3. The MK1 Burner auction starts on Monday 3rd October at 8.00pm BST for 10 days here

3. The MK2 Burner auction also starts on Monday 3rd October at 8.00pm BST for 10 days here

5. Additionally tips placed at checkout at for October will also go to the Bike4Ukraine charity.

Alan, founder of Alans BMX said, ‘Building the Raleigh Burner Bikes to support the charity Bikes4Ukraine made me realise that we don’t need to have all the answers or do it all ourselves. What counts is to activate our communities to come together and give back as little or much anyone can to support those that are struggling. That’s why I decided to also donate 100% of any tips that are placed this year when ordering on my website to go straight to Bikes4Ukraine.’


About Raleigh 

Raleigh is one of the world's oldest and best-known bike brands. Established back in 1887 in Nottingham, the British bike manufacturer has been innovating much-loved designs for over 130 years. You don’t need to be Lycra-clad to be a cyclist, and Raleigh stock an exciting range of kids, electric and traditional bikes; so no matter how you ride, Raleigh has a bike for you.

Shop online through the Raleigh website or at one of their trusted retail partners. Explore the full line of products at

About Alans BMX

Based in Wigan in the North West of England, Alans BMX was founded in 1981 right at the start of the BMX boom in the UK by then-16 year old National BMX champion Alan Woods. The longest established BMX shop in the UK, Alans BMX celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2021. In 2001 Alans hosted the first first “Old School” BMX event in the UK and has long championed the heritage of BMX in the UK. Today Alans, sponsors BMX riders in Park, Street, Wheelie and Racing disciplines, supplying parts for all those plus an extensive “one stop shop” of parts to help customer’s rebuild the bike they had (or their parent’s couldn’t buy them!) back in the day.

About Bikes4Ukraine

70 kilometres from the Polish border, Lviv is not only the largest city in Western Ukraine but also one of relative safety. Consequently, as the Russian military focuses its attacks in the East of the country, over 200,000 Ukrainians have sought refuge in Lviv. Most of these internal refugees arrived by car, which has introduced thousands of extra vehicles and grid-locked the city centre. Public transport is overwhelmed and cannot cope. Yet, life goes on and people still need to get around as simply as possible. Concluding that cycling was part of the solution, Lviv’s transport department contacted Mikael Colville-Andersen. Based in Copenhagen, Colville-Andersen has earned a reputation for creating successful cycle initiatives in cities across the world. ‘It was a no-brainer,’ he commented. ‘They need bikes and know-how so they can spur a biking culture fast. We have both in Denmark. So, of course, I had to help.’ Colville-Andersen gathered a small team of specialist volunteers and formed bikes4ukraine. Its aim? To get the citizens of Copenhagen to donate their unwanted bikes. According to Mikael Colville Andersen “There are more bikes than people in the Danish capital and 400,000 are trashed every year. So it’s likely that there are many spare bikes available”. Initially, bikes4ukraine will organise the collection of 2,000 unwanted bikes from city centre locations on 12th June. Following a health check they will be trucked to Lviv. Following this first phase, ingenious pop-up cycle lanes will be designed and installed across a vast, 20 kilometre cycling sweet spot. The complex, fast-moving project will need around 2 million Kroner of fundraising, to support logistics and the purchase of cycle lane equipment.

As the crisis has developed, Bikes4Ukraine has recently been focusing on getting bikes to people in Bucha Region and Chernihiv - here they are used by social workers and NGOs who cycle out to vulnerable citizens who can't make it into town, with food, humanitarian aid, medicine and even the post. The roads are ruined, public transport isn't running and there is a gas shortage. 

In cities like Mykolaiv, which is close to the front line, the Russians are bombing essential infrastructure like the waterworks. So people need bikes to get water, food and medicine.

We have started a couple of new initiatives. is one where people can fundraise and then sponsor a bike shipment with bikes we source.


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