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Colony BMX is Back

We are STOKED to have Colony back in store. There is some amazing new stuff as well as some familiar favourites.   

Colony BMX was formed in 2005 by ex-wethepeople Pro rider Clint Millar. Clint's aim was to create an Australian BMX brand that supported riders here in Australia to give back to the scene there, as well as create some high quality BMX parts that he felt was missing.

Starting out few a few key products, Colony grew rapidly and now offers a complete line of bikes and parts for the discening BMX'er. The Alex Hiam Sweet Tooth line has been a favourite, updated over the years, as are the Plastic Fantastic pedals. 

Starting with handlebars, we have three offering in this delivery:
Sweet Tooth bars, 8.8" or 9.4" rise. 
The re-issue Bloody Oath bars updated with a 9" rise. 

Colony BMX Bars and Forks
Onto forks and here we have Alex Hiam's Sweet Tooth Forks in black or chrome and for the front brake brigade the Sweet Tooth Forks with Brake Mounts, just in black. Both with a 25mm offset. We also have the M24 Fork Top Bolt to fit 2016-on Colony forks and other that use use the M24 x 1.5mm thread in black, rainbow or polished. 

Colony Much Room BMX Grips
For your new bars you're going to need some new grips, and what better than the venerable Much Room grips, that now come in a larger range of colours than ever. 
Colony Cranks and Brakes
Colony Venator 22mm Cranks are new to us. They come in 165, 170 and 175mm lengths and black or chrome. 
As for braking, the Colony Bretheren is a high-end CNC-machined ultra-stiff brake that is one of the best out there. It is available in Black, Polished or Rainbow. The Brethern clear brake pads are also available separately. 
The Colony RX3 Rotary detangler is a high quality, yet affordable alloy gyro with a teflon bearing and comesi n black, polished in rainbow. You can finish off your gyro set up with an alloy CNC Gyro Plate

Throwback video to our Colony UK tour back in 2012:

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