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Custom Hutch Pro Racer with 50th Anniversary Skyway Graphites

We’ve just finished this absolute beaut’ of a custom bike for one of our customers.

It’s one of our favourite builds of late and you can see why. It’s slick. As standard, a Hutch Pro Racer is already a great bike but we’ve added some nice details to make the ride it’s own.


Our Favourite addition; Skyway Tuff Wheels

Skyway's original Tuff Wheels with cassette version rear hub. Fast, smooth, and reliable; these Tuffs exceed the performance you have come to expect of genuine Skyway Tuff Wheels. They put the power to the ground yet take the abuse of hard landings without having to true your spokes after every ride. This strength and stiffness also allow the use of higher tyre pressures than possible with previous composite wheels.


In more detail;



Call us on 01942 826598 if you'd like us to do a build for you.

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Tony - March 20, 2024

Hi there, just wondering if you could custom build this bike ?
I’m from Sydney Australia.


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