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Federal Parts Drop

We just had a new delivery of Federal part,s some new stuff and some best sellers that we'd run out of. Federal is one of the treasures in the UK BMX scene, born out of Seventies Distribution at the end of the last century. When Ian Morris left in 2006 to form 4Down & United, it took Federal a couple of years to rebuild a time and reinvent themselves, but now they are firing on all cylinders and we have two great BMX brands right here in the UK, Hastings to be exact!

Anyway onto the products in this delivery:

Federal Command LP tyres have been gaining popularity of late. It's a low pressure 2.4" wide tyre inspired by the Response tyre. It was designed to be lighter with better grip thanks to the all over knurled pattern, making this one of the most agile street tyres on the market.

Federal hubs are another product that has been getting more popular of late, the Stance hub comes in front or rear cassette with it's own proprietary plastic hub guards. The Stance XL rim, as the name suggest, is a wider rims designed foir today's 2.30" and up tyres and is made from stronger 6066 aluminium. Don't forget that when you order a rim and hub from us, you get the spokes AND build for free. Just add to basket and you will get the choice of black or silver Halo spokes. 

Onto the drivetrain now and how about these Federal Vice V2 cranks? Available in matt black or chroime, they are designed from the ground up to handle everything modern riding can throw at them, with a hollow 24mm 48-spline spindle complete with a Mid bottom bracket, they are ready to fit to your bike. Choose 160, 165, 170 or 175mm arms lengths, although we are noticing the shorter arems are getting more popular nowadays. Onto pedals now and we hav ethe Federal Contact and Command pedals to choose from.

Lastly. here's our best-selling range of seats. Whatever your preference, Federal has you covered with Slim, Fat, Pivotal and Stealth Pivotal models:  

Federal pro: Anthony Perrin.



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