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Free BMX Parts Fitting

For parts purchased from us. 
This includes all parts just purchased from us now, does not include parts parts previously.

Items Excluded 
Bottom Brackets on their own (OK if purchased with cranks) 
Wheel building – Free when all parts purchased from us. £10 when just hub or rim purchased. Spokes not included. 
Punctures - standard charge is £10 including a new tube. 
Seized items. Parts we cannot remove because they are seized are not covered. Removal of seized parts will be changed at £30/hour.

When possible we will do fitting while you wait, but a busy times and bigger jobs you may have to leave your bike with us and we will text you when ready. We will be able to give you a time estimate when you bring it on. Early morning is the best time, midday the busiest for us.

If you have any questions call us 01942 826598.

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