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Free Headset and Bottom Bracket with Frames*

A frame is the heart of your bike. A common way to ending up with a Pro custom bike, unless you are absolutely loaded, is to buy one part at a time as you can afford it, and with the frame being the most expensive part, that normally comes last. While you are at it, you may as well change the steering (headset) and crank (bottom bracket) bearings.

So that's why when you buy a frame* from us we will include sealed bearing headset and bottom bracket set (to suit your crank spindle, 19, 22 or 24mm) and we will fit it for you to save time. This option pops up on the website when you order an eligible frame. 

When that time comes it's sometimes a pain to get all you parts off and fitted to a new frame, so additionally for those local enough to us, just bring your bike down and we'll swap all your parts to your new frame you just purchased from us, along with any new bits you want fitting from us like a chain perhaps. All prooperly assembled with grease and set up by our mechanic. 

If you have any questions about this, just ask. 

* Non-sale street/park frames only, so doesnt not apply to any old/mid school frames or race frames. 

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