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Goggles for NHS Donation - We Need Your Help!

To combat COVID-19 our NHS workers need PPE (Person Protective Equipment) and have had to resort to buying goggles with their own money. 

We have paid for and donated a number of goggles to North West Ambulance Service but they need more. Can you help by donating to buy more at a special price from our supplier which we will then deliver to NWAS. When they have enough we will cease the offer. We will provide up an update for you as the situation develops. 

So just to clarify if you add this item "Goggles for NHS", for every pair you add to to your basket we will buy on your behalf and donate to the NWAS. 

Thank you for your support at this time. 

Click here to help. 

You can this item to your order or just buy the goggles to donate on their own without shipping. 

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