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GT Pro Performer Heritage Retro BMX Bike

Finally we have the new GT Pro Performer Heritage bikes. To bring you to speed, these bikes have all the looks of a 1986 Performer but are designed for modern riding, so yeah you could actually enter a Pro contest on one of these bikes - or of course you could just use it to roll to the pub on a Sunday and get stopped every 5 minutes by people saying "cool bike, man".

View the options we have available here

The Pro Performer has a long 21" toptube (the originals were something like 18.5"), 9.125" bars (styled on the '86 Freestyle bars) and a long layback pivotal seatpost with a padded seat. Stock wheels are GT Superlace alloy with GT LP-5 tyres in modern 2.35" width. 

Power Series alloy cranks (updated version of the originals) rolling on a sealed bearing bottm bracket. A modern 1 /8" clamp-on version of the classic Mallet stem, keeps everything tight up front. Grips are GT mushrooms, the front and rear brakes are quality Odyssey Springfields. All in all a really solid rideable package that looks amazing too. 

Additionally - to give it that full on 80's look - we are ofering these with Skyway Tuff wheels, sealed bearing with 9T driver, 14mm rear axle and 10mm front. Now also including a full-factory Graphite option with gold alloy flange (see link above). 

Here is an excerpt from the 1986 catalog featuring the Pro Performer. We did actually make a replica of this a couple of years ago and could probably do so again if anyone is interested contact us. 

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