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GT Pro Series Heritage Bikes

Taking a leaf out of SE Bikes' book, GT have a reached back into their catalogue to bring you a re-imagining of their classic Pro Series Heritage bikes from the 1980's in a big wheel for today format. The new 2021 model GT Pro Series come in 24, 26 and 29 inch wheel sizes - all are the same price - and feature a disc brake for the first time this year. Quality, attention to detail and value for money are unmatched in these bikes. Let's a take a look at them in detail.

Starting with the frame which is 6061 alloy with an integrated headset and disc brake mount with gyro tabs holes, forks are are strong 100% 4130 cro-mo. Cranks are tubular cro-mo 8-spline with a sealed bottom bracket. Hubs are fully sealed bearing front and rear. You get a mechanical Promax disc brake on the rear and a caliper brake for the front (supplied but not shown), in fact it comes with a full reflector kit and bell to make it fully road legal. Seat is a fat railed Cheat Code. Also new for this year are the fat new 2.5" wide GT Smoothie tyres.  Pad set is colour co-ordinated to the bike and it comes with knurled wheelie pegs.

GT 2021 Pro Series 24 Inch

Here is the GT Pro Series 24" with a camo frame/fork/bar paint job, contrasted with orange pedals, brake cable, grips and graphics. Finished off with a matching pad set and rear wheelie pegs.

GT 2021 Pro Series 26 Inch Bike

Next up is the GT Pro Series 26" in red with contrasting black graphics and a splash of yellow in there with the cable and red pedals. Pad set is all colour co-ordinated of course. 

Lastly we have the biggest wheel version in the range the GT Pro Series 29" which tones it down in a bit with a classy black with contrasting silver seatpost, sprocket and bars. Pads are a nice black & silver 1986 style Wing design.

What are these for?
Almost everything. Commuting, riding to school, joining your "wheels up" buddies at the park, blasting some lines at your local skatepark and with a quick change of tyres a perfect bike for hitting up the jumps at your local trails or track. 

Why are these bikes just so great?
Well they blend the simplicity of a single speed BMX bike with no gears and suspension to go wrong. Mated to the practically of bigger wheels to blast around on and the added bonus for growing kids that they are one size....  

What size should I get?
The three wheel sizes don't really equate to small, medium and large. The wheel size is a preference and anyone about 5' 5" would be able to ride all three, but smaller riders, like riders around 12, would be better with the 24". The best thing is though, you would buy one bike and it would fit you for life pretty much much, unlike a mountain bike where you might need a small then a year later you've grown, you need a medium. 

Easy to customise
Because these are BMX-based they are super easy to customise with the millions of BMX parts you can get. 

Buy Now
Grab one while we have stock. We offer FREE UK delivery and Klarna payments and 0% Interest V12 finance subject to status at Alans BMX

Here are some photos from 1980's GT catalogues showing the original bikes that these are based on:


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