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GT Pro Team Survivor Bike

Rare, nowadays that we get an all survivor bike like this in, but it proves that they are still out there! Purchased from the original owner who has had it all this time. 

Our plan was the split the bike and restore the frame, but if you are interested in this time-capsule as it is before we do so, please contact us.

The bike is 100% original with the exception of re-issue A'ME Dual grips (which themselves are no longer being made). It is a nice reference just to see how a bike was built around 1985, this would have been a high dollar build BITD. 

GT Team Series Pro frame, all original paint and decals. Blue anodised headset fitted, we haven't examined this but it is steel so is most likely a Hatta. You might have spotted the Gary Turner signature on the toptube, from Cleethorpes a couple of years ago. 

GT Pro Series pro sized bars, again all original decals. 

The bike is decked out with some SR parts. SR was similar to SunTour but a bit cheaper and SR parts were used on a lot of complete bikes from Diamond Back to Raleigh. The stem, seat clamp, chainring, spider and hubs are all from SR. 

Seat is Kashimax MX. Although pre-dating the Aero, the MX was still popular throughout the 80's as a long of riders preferred it's rounded back over the sharp Aero making it less likely to catch it when speed-jumping. Seatpost is GT. Clamp is SR. 

Cranks are one piece SR. Nowadays people turn their nose up at a 1pc crank, but really few few people could afford a cro-mo three piece like Redline Flight or Profile back then, when they could cost up to £180, when a build like this would have been under £300. Chainring and spider and both SR, SR actually sold this a complete set ring/bolts/spider. Pedals are SR MP-470 which was their larger platform offering compared to the smaller, more common, MP-468. The chain is a high-end 1/8" with slotted plates. 

Wheels are custom built with SR hubs and Ukai "Tramline" shineside rims. A classic set up. The wheels are shod with rare skinwall GT logo tyres front and rear 1.75" rear and 2.125" front, again in very good survivor shape with only minimal wear. These tyres weren't super popular back in the day and I don't remember people using them for racing much. 

Lastly, the brakes are MX-890 with Tech-III levers, from and rear.  Brake pads are original. 

Our plan was the split the bike and restore the frame, but if you are interested in this time-capsule as it is before we do so, please contact us.

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