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Haro 40th Anniversary Bob Haro Freestyler Bike Chrome

Limited edition of 800 for the world to celebrate 40 years of the Haro Freestyler being launched in 1982. Secure yours now - otherwise you'll have to wait till 2032 for the 50th Anniversary model if us, you and Haro around then! 

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The original Haro Freestyler has been given the Lineage treatment! That is taking the look and feel of the original and updating it with all modern technology and geometry for today's riding. 

The 40th Anniversary Freestyler was created to take a DNA strand or two from our past and thread it into state of the art contemporary designs of the present. Look at this masterpiece, from a glance it's difficult to tell from the original 40 years prior. But when you look closely, you will see all modern technology. Hourglass Mid BB, internal headset. Forks are full heat treated and butted same as the lineage bars and 48 spline 19mm cranks. This bike is as high level BMX you are going to buy in today's market.

BTW, right now we are working on this 1982 Freestyler:

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