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How to Get Into BMX


If your kids - or you - are stoked on BMX after this Summer and want to get a bike and head down the track or skatepark, we can’t blame you, we feel more amped than ever to ride right now and to top things off Summer looks to be back on! This is all well and good but you need to make ether right choice if you are going to get the right bike for your riding ability and there is an awful lot of rubbish out there.

1. Go to a BMX shop or at least order online from one.
Sounds obvious but you wouldn’t go to buy specialist equipment from a supermarket. This way you can get the right advice and help from someone who knows what they are talking about. These shops provide are after sales support and put back into the scene by sponsoring events, riders and teams. 

2. Get the right size.
Although traditionally BMX bikes came with 20" wheels, and all the bikes in both disciplines at the Olympics were this size, BMX Freestyle bikes now come in anything from 12" wheels for little kids to oversized bikes with wheels up to 29". Typically for kids under 12 you need to be looking at 18 inch wheels and below, see our chart below. Race bikes are a bit complicated there is regular 20" a narrower 20" size for kids and a 24" size (called Cruiser, which runs in a separate class). If you are an older rider coming back to BMX, check out 24" or the new in-between 22" wheeled bikes. 

Additionally the 20" wheeled bikes come with a range of top tube frame sizes - typically between 20" and 21" frames - because you dont sit down on the bikes the length is a big factor. The bikes on our websites typically show Toptube length and you can filter by that. 


3. Freestyle or Race?
Back in the early 80’s one bike did it all, but like everything bikes have become more specialised. If you are not sure, get a freestyle bike as at a push you can ride this at the track, but you wouldn’t want to be taking a fragile alloy race bike to the skatepark.
You can find our BMX Freestyle bikes here.
You can find out BMX Race bikes here. 

4. Coaching Sessions.
Both BMX race clubs and Skateparks run beginner and coaches sessions for male and females and for older riders sometimes too. They usually have bikes and gear you can hire for a few pounds as well. You can find BMX Race club and track info at the British Cycling site here.

and there is a great UK Indoor Skatepark directory here.

If you just Google BMX coaching you’ll get a bunch of hits, we’d recommend:

Josie McFall’s 232 Coaching and Dylan Clayton’s Hardknox 

5. Starter bikes - click on bike image to go to product page

Mongoose Legion

The Legion range - when we can get them! - is our undisputed No.1 Beginner bike, and the brand has been around so long that your grandad probably started out on a 'Goose!

Radio Revo

The Revo comes in 14, 16, 18 & 20 inch wheels sizes for kids all all sizes. From the same family as Wethepeople

GT Speed Series 
Not really entry-level but a great bike capable of winning a BMX National right of the box and in all szes from Micro to 24".

Haro Annex Si
A great priced starter bike that you can take to the track and ride to school without it falling apart. 

6. Equipment
We sell all the stuff you need - from clothing to protection for race and freestyle - pads, helmets, gloves and more. We are a Vans BMX dealer and carry all their Pro BMX specific footwear. 

Anyway, please come and see us at our shop Alans BMX, 49 Wallgate, Wigan, WN1 1BE or we ship Worldwide, you can give us a call on 01942 826598.


ps/ We were inspired to write this after reading Mark Noble's article on Wired here. (opens in new window)

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