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In Review: 2019 at AlansBMX

2019 has been quite the year for BMX in the UK and for us as a store. Firstly we would like to thank all our customers for the support during 2019 and we look forward to serving BMX during 2020.

Lets take a look back at some of the cool things that happened during 2019:

RadBMX MK19: always smash it out of the park with their RadBMX Old School event in Milton Keynes. The event is held at the BMX race track in Milton Keynes with camping available over night. It an Old School show/shine, swap meet and social all in one with legends such as Bob Haro, John Buultjens, Matt Hoffman and more attending previous years. For 2019 Rad organized the BMX Beat competition, giving people a classic style flatland competition (With a few flat banks) that anyone could enter.

Alan did a bit of a Ten Tour which we do every year on YouTube:

Along with Old School bikes for 2019 there was the Mid School tent, featuring loads of S&M bikes and more. We had our corespondent in the field Ben 'Bomber' Counter from 4Down Distribution give you all the lowdown:

We cannot wait for MK20 and to see you all there!

Skyway BMX Restoration:

We were super stoked to restore a customers original Skyway BMX, it was aot of effort and we also tested out a YouTube format for it with the AlansBMX Resto Show. You can check out the full article HERE

New Website Launch:

We launched a brand new website during 2019 (Which you are obviously seeing now) It was a lot of effort and we feel its improved a lot of things that the previous site was lacking. We now have more than double the products that we previously had, which means you can almost count on us having it up if its available. Its also allowed us to show of this more blog style post for special announcements, product drops, restorations and more. We can also now more easily give custom quotes for shipping, products/services and special deals, which is better for everyone!

Backyard Jam 2019:

This was a big one, the reincarnation of BACKYARD JAM. Hosted by Seventies and run at the major skateparks around the UK, Backyard Jam was a series of qualifying rounds and a final with the top 2 in Park and Street getting free entry to SimpleSession 2020! What an amazing prize. You can checkout all the photos and videos over at

We hired a van for every round and made sure that local riders could get there to compete. It was an amazing series and loads of fun.

Metal Kizz Go Fast Pull Up Frames:

A special project that Bomber at 4Down Distro started, with some limited edition run of Metal Kizz frames. With only 33 being produced in the USA these were some serious limited kit.

Here's the lowdown from Bomber himself:

"After researching a bit i discovered S&M had 33 sets of “lightning bolt” dropouts remaining from when they produced the Metal rebel contender in 2006-7, which we acquired for the project.

Metal bikes co-founder Joe Carnall graciously provided us with the original Kizz sticker graphics and powder codes to faithfully re-produce the MK1 artwork and colours.

Big Dave Harrison, who worked at Spooky cycles in late-90s, and who made all the MK1s of metal, terrible one and FBM frames, is going to be fabricating on this project with his company pedal driven cycles in Athens, Georgia.

The frames have “go fast pull up” laser cut out of the top gusset and serial numbers stamped 1-33."

Bullseye USA Parts:

In 2019 we got in touch with Bullseye in USA to stock their amazing USA made CNC parts. Including the Bullseye hubs, Brake Levers, CNC Bottom Brackets and more. These are serious high quality kit and are as much at home on an Old School Resto as they are on a high end Race BMX.

Justin Posey Mongoose Shop Visit:

Mongoose pro USA rider Justin Posey came to visit the store thanks to CSG. He came to the shop and did a signing and then we headed to the track at Coppull for a ride session and gave away a Mongoose Frame. It was great to hear from Justin and he was great with all the riders who came to ride.

House of Vans Kevin Peraza Shoe Launch:

We got invited down to the House of Vans as VIPs for the Kevin Peraza shoe launch. The first of Vans new WaffleCup BMX sole. Tom, Adam E and Marius from the shop went down, got to kick it with the Vans pros, ride the skatepark and got hooked up with a pair of the Peraza Old Skools to try them out. We cant recommend the new WaffleCup BMX sole enough!

Three new Team Riders for 2019:

We stacked our team up even more with 3 new riders for 2019:

Charlotte Worthington:

Around Feb we got Charlotte onto the team. A Team GB Olympic rider she has been making waves through action sports in general and been smashing it at all the World Cup rounds placing top 3 consistently. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for 2020 Olympics!

Ben Gordon:

Ben Gordon is a local rider that rides with the local BNGBNG Manchester crew. After getting onto UnitedBMX it made sense for him to join the Alans Team. Ben is always smashing it with clips on instagram, and also has a DVD part in Uniteds latest Affirmation DVD along with the forthcoming BNGBNG DVD.

Dale Tunstead:

Dales been in and out of the game for a while, and after seeing him roasting it at Backyard Jam we couldn't help ourselves and had to get him onto the team. Unfortunately just a few weeks afterwards Dale egged his ankle, hopefully he recovers soon!

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