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Alan inducted into the Inaugural British BMX Hall of Fame

This past November saw the inaugural British BMX Hall of Fame held at the NEC in Birmingham. This long-overdue event got together most of the UK's BMX illuminati for a much-needed 40 catch up. I was honoured to be inducted in the catagory of Pioneer Male Racer, which really does mean a lot to me. Many thanks to the organisers Dale Holmes, Darren O'Neill, Andy Ruffel, Mike Wong and the panel for their efforts, couldn't have been any better in my opinion. Already looking forward to the 2023 edition. 

Whitaugh Park UKBMX National, 1981.  

L-R: North West BMX Crew: Brian Jones, Terry Lloyd, Jonathan Higginson, Fenwick Carr, Alan Woods, Jason Ramsden, Mark Lavery, Godfrey Burke, Craig Borrows, John Lee, David Arnold. 

DIG article here

British BMX Hall of Fame here.

I don't know why you'd want to, but you can see my wholly unprepared acceptance speech below...

Alan Woods
Wigan, January 2023. 
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