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Latest Old School Builds

As they're selling as fast as we are building them, we'll update this post with every old school bike we build, so even if disappears off the site when sold you can still reference it here. 

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Any questions please email or call us on 01942 826598

Raleigh Burners

16/6/22: Burner Builds
The planet's aligned and we ended up completing three Burners at the same time, one Mk1 and two Mk2's. 

Mk1 Burner Red/Yellow

Mk2 Burner Chrome


Haro 1985 FST

11/6/22: Haro 1985 FST
A frame we bought about 2 years ago, we've had it sat in the back all that time. We had it powdercoated last year and had some stickers made for it, today was the day to get it built! After Haro split the Freestyler range out into Master and Sport - Sport being more ramp orientated, in 1984 Haro added the FST model which was an all-round model that stood for Freestyle, Street & Track. Although the FST model originally came with alloy wheels we opted to use Skyways for this build and initially specc'd it with white, but decided to use grey at the last time, as they match the grey in the stickers and it good look a bit different in a good way we think. For full spec/to buy see here.

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