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Peter Adam takes his video production in a whole other direction with the release of LIFERS, a film focused on a select group of riders in DIG's birthplace of Belfast, Northern Ireland who all started riding around 1980 at the height of 'The Troubles' in their hometown. Riding against the backdrop of violent sectarian, state, and terrorist conflict, made BMX in Belfast let's say, 'a little more challenging', than it was for most riders growing up in the eighties elsewhere. As several of the riders drifted out of BMX later that decade, LIFERS follows their story as riding came back into their lives in the late nineties and pushed them all to a new level of appreciation and enjoyment, despite their age. Once BMX gets you it is truly hard to let go and LIFERS gives us hope that riding BMX can be as fun when you're older as it was when you started. You'll still be better off slipping a pedal than slipping into old age. Enjoy. _ LIFERS has been released in conjunction with DIG's all new sister publication - GREYSTOKE: An aptly-named new twice yearly BMX magazine edited by Scott Towne that focuses on BMX lifers and everything that keeps us stoked on BMX for the long run. With old-school, mid-school and current day content focusing on those older riders who just can't shake this obsession,

GREYSTOKE issue 1 is available for pre-order now

(Magazines shipping September 1st). GREYSTOKE - When BMX is for Life. Get stoked - Stay stoked.

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