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Old School Chain Tensioners

Keep your wheel from slipping with chain tensioners. Easy to fit and they protect your dropouts.
Box BMX Racing Box 3 Chain Tensioners
Extra Colour Options Available

Box 3 Chain Tensioners


Adjusting chain tension is quick and easy with the new Box Three™ Chain Tensioner.   With a single hole "lollipop" design, these tension...

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Box BMX Racing Box One Chain Tensioners
Extra Colour Options Available

Box One Chain Tensioners


Box One™ Chain Tensioners are extruded then CNC-machined from 7075 aluminium for an optimal balance of strength and weight. A minimalist design add...

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ELF BMX Old School BMX ELF Chain Tensioners
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

ELF Chain Tensioners


Add the ELF touch to your race or old school bike. ELF BMX Chain Tensioners are still made in Southern California out of 6061 Aluminum for optimal...

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