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Mongoose Motomag III Wheels

Mongoose Goes Back to BMX Roots with Launch of Special Edition Motomag III Wheelset


For the first time in almost three decades, Mongoose is bringing back the most iconic wheelset in BMX history, the Motomag. On September 27, Mongoose will offer BMX enthusiasts and retro collectors the chance to pick up the third generation – Motomag III – of the brand’s most storied product.

In the early 1970s, BMX was born when riders in Southern California began racing bikes on motocross tracks. As the sport rapidly evolved, bike technology was pushed to its limits, and frequently beyond them as riders regularly damaged or bent their bike wheels. In 1974, automotive wheel designer Skip Hess took matters into his own garage and produced the first cast magnesium BMX wheel, the Motomag. He then started producing alloy versions of the Motomag that became a mainstay in the sport with their combination of durability and lightweight performance. With the success of the Motomag, Hess started a new bicycle brand he called Mongoose.

Motomag wheels were standard equipment on BMX bikes in the mid-1970s and defined the aesthetics of early BMX racing. In 1978, Mongoose launched the Motomag II, which built on the popularity of the first generation, and manufactured them until 1984. Although out of production for almost 30 years, the Motomag was certainly not forgotten and recognized around the world to this day. 

“The Motomag changed the sport of BMX, allowing riders to go faster, harder, and bigger than ever.  Its design is so iconic that the Motomag is instantly recognized by BMX enthusiasts worldwide and an original existing set of Team issued magnesium Motomags recently sold for over $20,000,” said Bill Curtin, owner of B.M.X. Products.

“With the Motomag III, we wanted to stay true to our heritage with a design that mimics the original, but incorporates a few modern touches,” said Brian Baldis, Mongoose Director of Product Development. “The three (III) features sealed bearing hubs and is freewheel-compatible for a more universal fit. It’s a chance to complete that retro bike build in your garage with a perfect finishing touch or bring classic Mongoose style to a modern ride. Savvy collectors will also recognise the significance of the three’s model number.”

Available to pre-order no win black, gold or silver. 


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