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National Race Report Rounds 3 & 4 Gosport

Once again only the two thirty somethings 🤪 turned up for this weekend’s racing, the weather was hot and so was the racing, Saturday was difficult with both riders taking time to get used to the track both riders made the A final with John finishing 3rd just ahead of Karl in 4th but with their closest rival Flemdog back in 5th. John continued his success on the OS20 with a win in the Grand Vets.

Sunday was even hotter and notable that the lap times were slower, final time came in the cruiser class and wow it didn’t disappoint, you could of thrown a small blanket over six riders going into turn one with Flemdog leading it out and Karl giving John a shout as they went into the turn, Karl slipped by into turn 2 to push John further back, they all went on attack into the last corner going for the win, Flemdog went in first followed by Karl then John, John exited first followed by Karl but in trying to manual past John Karl got it wrong and was passed by Flemdog, John super stoked on the win. He repeated the win run on 20” class and hopes he has done enough to tie up that title now as it looks like only Scotland left this season. The team have a full turn out for that one.

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