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Old School Parts Packs

We've put together these Old School colour-matched rebuild kits for you, comprising the following. 

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SunTour-style Power Stem
Standard 21.1mm shaft to fit most 1" threaded old school forks. 

SunTour-style Seat Clamp. 
25.4mm for most steel old school frames that use a 22.2mm seatpost. 15" long. 

44T Chainring
5 arm in either 110 BCD to fit old school SunTour, Sugino, Profile & SR cranks & spiders - or 130 BCD to fit Shimano, Tioha & Takagi. 

For most steel old school frames that use a 22.2mm seatpost. Alloy fluted in blue, gold or red and chrome steel for the silver kit. 

Wellgo Beatrap Pedals
1/2" thread to fit all one piece cranks based on the original SunTour XC-II beartraps. 

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