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Our Last Ever 1987 Haro Sport Vintage Build

Behold! Our VERY LAST 1987 Haro Vintage Sport custom build. The attention to detail on these is amazing and they come with fold-down fork standers. Great value as well. The full parts list of below with links to the products we used. 

•  2017 re-issue of the 1987 Haro Sport frame and fork, replicated down the very finest details. Made from 100% cro-mo. Forks have removable folding standers. Black/Teal/Chrome. 
•  Mirage MX4 sealed1" threaded headset. Black. 
•  Haro Lineage FS bars. Black. 8.5".
•  Darxide Stem with Odyssey hollow Potts bolt. Silver. 
•  ODI Longneck Closed End grips. Black. 
•  Dia-Compe MX122 brake levers. Black. 
•  Dia-Compe AD990 rear U-brake. Black.
•  Dia-Compe Bulldog FS front brake. Black. 
•  Darxide one piece cro-mo crank 175mm. Chrome. 
UPGRADE TO: Haro Lineage Bolt cranks or Haro Group 1 cranks with sealed bearing BB for just £100 extra.
•  Haro Team Disc sprocket. 44T.
•  Salt Slim Alloy pedals. Black. 
•  Cult 510 chain. Silver.
•  Kashimax Handler FS seat. Black.
•  Darxide seatpost. 14". Chrome.
•  Dia-Compe MX-1500 hinged seatclamp. Black.
•  Diamond Back alloy Wheels. Black with stainless spokes.
UPGRADE TO: Skyway Tuff Wheels for just £60 extra. 
•  Dicta freewheel. 16T.
•  Haro HPF tyres. 2.2. Black. 
•  Kenda inner tubes. 

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