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Race Team: Karl Sanderson Bike Checks

Karl's been racing since day one and knows what he likes in race bike. Here are his current season rides.

GT Speed series 24
Custom painted ,1994 graphics
Box XL forks
Renthal bars
Renthal sprocket
Shimano DXR cranks and brakes
KMC X9 3/32 chain
HT X2 SX clip pedals.
Tioga rail spider seat on Tioga post.
Profile mini hubs on sun envy rims with Tioga Powerblock tyres.
Built up by Alans for 2012 worlds. Still going strong.

S&M speedwagon frame 21.5
S&M race forks and Bars.
Halo SuperDrive hubs with Halo sub 4 rims on Tioga Fastr tyres
Profile stem and race cranks
Renthal chainring
Gusset 3/32 race chain black
HT X2SX clip pedals.
Flats for lockdown practice
Tioga pivotal spider seat on S&M post.
Quick release clamp for putting seat higher after racing.
Shimano DXR brakes.
Halo wheels and Tioga Fastr tyres run smooth and spin for ages. Hopefully giving me an edge when on the track.

Thanks to all our sponsors. 


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