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Ready 2 Ride Assembled Bike Option

We are now pleased to offer our READY 2 RIDE option on all our complete bikes with wheel sizes up to 24" and addresses in Mainland United Kingdom. 

Just add this to basket when you are promted at checkout. You may also want to add one of our tool kits - although the only tool required at your end will be a 15mm pedal or cone spanner for the pedals and a 6 and possibly 5mm allen key. 

We take the bike out of the box, Adam our mechanic then does a full Pre Delivery Inspection just as he would if you were buying it in the shop, then repacks the bike in a new giant sized box and it's ready to collected by our courier. 

Please note, espcially at busy times, this READY 2 RIDE option can add day or two to the desptach times and can also take a coupole of days longer for the courier to deliver it to you. 

Any questions, just give us a call on 01942 826598

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