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S&M Bikes 1998 Holmes BARN FIND!


Check this puppy out... a 100% OG survivor S&M Holmes circa 1998 with ALL it's original parts preserved from BITD. Literally someone just parked this up 25 or so years ago and here it is for your delectation... We have added nothing at all, just put air in the tyres and given it a quick wipe down. Chrome is peeling/pitted but it's up to you whether to leave it with all its patina (we would) or strip and polish it all back for a showroom-resto, either way it's ALL there. 

Any questions? Call us on 01942 826598.

S&M Gen 5 Holmes frame, aka Next Gen Holmes, according to S&M expert, Alex Leech. Frame # HXL8252. No cracks or bends that we can see. 10mm dropouts, so it's one of the earliest NG Holmes. 20.5" toptube.

S&M Pitchforks forks.

S&M Redneck stem.

S&M Slam bars (we think)


Jive grips.

Tektro brake lever.

Dia-Compe AD-990 brake.

Profile Racing race cranks. 

Profile Racing Whippet sprocket.

Selle Italia Turbo seat.

Micro adjust seatpost.

DK seatpost clamp. 

GT DX-style pedals (loose and a bit wobbly, end caps intact though).

Unknown hubs. 

Unknown rims, Sun? 

Tioga Comp III 1.75" tyres. 
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