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SDB T-1 Bike Check

Sam Davies-Bate has been with us for so many years through thick and thin that we can't even remember. He recently built up a new T-1 ride and it's a gnarly big-drop 48H bad-boy that Sam crushes everything on.

Frame - Terrible 1 Skapegoat

ForkAnimal Bikes Street Sweeper fork

Headset - Odyssey

Bars - S&M Bikes Credence XL

Stem - Bonedeth Muffin Top

Grips - ODI Longneck Pro

Lever - Odyssey Monoloever Trigger

Cable - Odyssey linear cable

Brake - Demolition Vulcan v2

Seat - Bonedeth Vibrator

SeatpostS&M Long Johnson

Cranks - Animal Akimbo


Pedals - Odyssey Trailmix alloy

Chain - DID

Front hub - Bonedeth Porn hub

Rear hub - Bonedeth Porn hub LHD

Rims - Bonedeth Bidome 48h

Tubes - Kenda

Sprocket - Animal full bashguard

Hub guards - Bonedeth 

Pegs - Bonedeth Diet Grinders

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