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SE Bikes Parts Delivery

Out of the blue we just had a random drop of SE parts, we never know when this this is going to show up, so it's as much of a surprise to us as it is to you. 

SE Bikes Flyer Seat
Fat, padded seat, adds comfort to any bike that uses a traditional Railed seat. Black, Blue, Red or $100 Bill Y'all. AND it has a bottle opener on the back. These sell out quick so get on it!

SE Bikes Blitz Seat

SE Bikes Blitz Seat
Plastic Old School throwback to the Elina Lightning Bolt of the 1980's. Black only in this delivery. 

SE Bikes Wing Grips
The SE Wing grips use a proven mushroom design with the SE WIng logo and colour-matched SE logo nylon bar ends. 

SE Bikes Narler Stem

SE Bikes Narler Stem
The popular Narler stem in back and works on a Retro build (modern version of an Old School bike) or big wheeled bike - as long it has it as a 1 1/8" threadless fork and 22.2mm bars you're good to go. CNC machined black, blue, gold or red. 

SE Bikes Lockit Chain Tensioners
Lockit chain tensioners for 3/8” (10mm) axles allow for perfect chain adjustment and will keep your rear wheel locked in place. These will work equally well on your wheelie bike and your old school ride and they also protect your dropouts :) 

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