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Shadow Conspiracy Xmas Drop

The latest Shadow Conpiracy delivery just arrived and we have some great restocks here. 


Starting with the Shadow Conspiracy Classic Helmet which has quickly become our Number One selling helmet.The Matt Burgundy colour is new but we also have Matt Black and Gloss WhiteCheck out their light weight In-Mold Shadow helmets too. 

The Shadow Interlock chain. The original and best all half link chain allowing you to adjust your chain to a precise length, essential in this time of small dropouts.

We also have back stock the Shadow Interlock Chain Tool that works on all Half Link (and non) chains. The popular Shadow Multi Tool is back in as well in Black or Chrome. That little packet above is a spare Interlock Chain Joining Pin

Contrary to popular belief not everyone has gone brakeless. In fact the last couple of years we've seen riders coming back to brakes, this has, in part, been due to brakes getting better and easier to set up as well. Shadow's brake game is strong with the Sano V2 Featherweight brake full of CNC machined goodness. For a Gyro set up we have the Sano V2 Detangler, (you can also buy the Gyro Plate on it's own) and the Detangler Top Cable.  

Shadow tyres have been getting more popular this year and here we have the Shadow Strada Nuova LP 2.30" Tyre and the 110psi-rated Shadow Creeper 2.40" tyre


Metal pedals have also been making a comeback of late and not many BMX comapines till offer them so it's cool to see Shadow relasing their new Metal Pedal in Black or Raw. Talking of comebacks, we also got back in stock the Railed Jones Drop Nose Seat which we can never seen to keep in stock. 


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